Gem Lapidary and Certification


Ukwatta Gems has over 20 years of experience in cutting gemstones, and we pride ourselves in our stellar work and honest dealings. Over the years, our expert gem-cutting services have provided thousands of satisfied customers with beautifully cut gemstones. Our clients include large and small mine owners and leading jewelry designers. We have dedicated staff specialist over 10 years experiense in gem cutting we treat each stone separately , taking into account balance, color, and size. Stones can be faceted in any number of shapes and styles, including cushion, emerald, marquis, novette, oval, teardrop or cabochon.

Gem Certifications
Sri Lankan organisations can provide certifications within 24 hours:

Gemological Institute of Colombo: The Gemological Institute of Colombo (GIC) tests and certifies coloured gemstones and diamonds using high-tech gem-testing instruments and methods conforming to international standards.
National Gem & Jewellery Authority (Sri Lanka): The National Gem & Jewellery Authority of Sri Lanka implements strategies and policy priorities for the development of the gem and jewellery industry of the country.

Order Size/Stones
There is no minimum order size requirement. Our cutters can cut just about every cutting style including fancy cuts. If you are not an expert it will not be possible for you to determine the various possible styles that an individual piece of rough can be cut into. With this in mind, many of our cutting customers leave the cutting style up to the discretion of our master cutter. Some customers list their cutting style preference(s) and state, "if possible."
The yield of cut stones from your rough will depend on the quality of the rough stones in your parcel and the type of cut styles you request. If left up to our master cutter, he will not cut stones that he deems are not worth cutting (these will be returned as rejects with your cut stones).

If the cutting style is left up to our cutter, he will cut to the largest size(s) possible for each rough cuttable grade crystal. If you specify calibrated sizes and/or standard sizes (extra charge), this will reduce the yield. If you request "eye clean" or no visible flaws, this will reduce the yield. If there are rough stones that are deemed not facet grade, you can request them to be cut in cabochon style, if they are suitable for this.
Different customers have different requirements. Some customers want only "eye clean", "no inclusions/no flaws", some say "eye clean, if possible, but moderate inclusions are okay", some say "moderate inclusions are okay" and some say "inclusions are okay." If you want standard/calibrated sizes, please specify this. If you do not, our master cutter will cut for size, within the limits/constraints of your other specifications.

In the note enclosed with your parcel you should list: The stones enclosed (count and, if possible, carat weight), your preferences/instructions and "mineral samples, no commercial value."